Aaron Pest Control Services Page..

We at Aaron Pest Control deal with all sorts of pest's and vermin this is a list of some of the ones we can control

  • Mice:
    The common House Mouse can have upto 8 litters a year. We will normally treat using bait stations in safe locations, mice are neophobic and may be reluctant to approach DIY bait placement. The identifing and locating of runs and places of harbourage, and the correct placement and types of bait to use in each case will be the main factor in overcoming bait shyness and achieving quick and effective control
  • Rats:
    The Brown Rat is generally brown in colour but this may vary, can have upto 6 litters per year. The increase in bird feeding in gardens has seen a large increase in rat sightings in and around domestic gardens, we normally use out-door bait stations to gain control of any rats in the area, while safley keeping bait away from children & pets
  • Ants:
    The common Black Ant has become a common problem in and around homes, we can offer a good level of control using the latest and very safe professional insecticides which once applied can carry on working for several weeks
  • Wasps:
    We offer a fast and effective treatment to destory all wasps in the nest, normally in a single visit
  • Moles:
    Mole population is increasing, damage to lawns and borders can be devastating, we offer control using the latest control methods
  • Fleas:
    The most common flea that feeds on cats, dogs, and humans, is the Ctenocephalides Felis. The treatment includes advice on the things you need to do before we carry out our treatment. The latest treatments are very safe for your family and pets, and normally only one visit is required to control the infestation
  • Bed Bug:
    If you are one of the increasing number of people affected by bed bug, we can carry out a very effective treatment using the latest professional product for safe and quick control of bed bug infestations
  • Cluster Fly:
    As temperatures drop in Autumn, cluster fly form vast clustering masses in roof spaces and lofts. As the central heating comes on, they find there way into bedrooms ect; and become a most un-welcome visiter. We can fumigate the roof voides killing any infestations safely

Business Services:

We offer fast and cost effective pest control for both small & large business customers

We are happy to treat your pest control problems either as one off control, or control where regular scheduled visits are planned

As I carry out all visits myself, I can promise a reliable and competitively priced service

Additional Services:

Woodworm treatment to floor & roof void timbers using the latest solvent free/non-toxic fully Bio-degradable formulation, which is virtually odourless. Timber furniture also treated

For free advice please call me on 01782 310095 or 07533 946436

and we only use Unmarked vehicles to ensure your privacy.